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Prisoners of Beckett

Michka Saäl  |  2005

Prisoners of Beckett is the meeting of two worlds that never usually converge. One is comprised of poetry and freedom, the other silence and obscurity. It's a true story, which begins in a high security prison in Sweden, where a young actor, Jan Jonson, decides to stage "Waiting For Godot" with a cast of five prisoners. 


Their performances turn out to be so unique and genuine that Beckett grants them the right to perform his play and follows the enterprise from his Parisian retreat. Soon everyone is gripped by feverish enthusiasm: the prison governor, an exceptionally bizarre character for the post, and Jan Jonson convince the authorities to let the five actors step outside the prison walls and perform in a real theatre in Gothenburg. An extraordinary concession followed by an even more spectacular event! 

Beckett's Prisoners is a film and a puzzle, half tragedy half farce, which reconstructs this adventure and sets off in search of its heroes today.

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Stéphane Lafleur  |  2001

Short film,  9 minutes


« Le premier qui touche par terre est mort».

Voyage immobile d’un jeune homme entre le rêve et la réalité.

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Soft Shell Man

André Turpin  |  2001 


Alex, a young photographer, continually seduces. He pleases everyone, without ever having any of his own ideas, passions, or conflicts. His existence is completely empty, dependent on the need to please others. While in Montreal, he has an adventure with a journalist, Marie, who is in the company of his best friend. This friend, Sara, is deaf. The film won the Jutra Awards for Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Score, Best Direction, and Best Film. It was nominated for Best Canadian Film at the TFCA Award, for Best Actor and more at the Jutra Awards, and for Best Motion Picture at the Genie Awards.

Soft Shell Man poster

Left Half Side of the Fridge 

Philippe Falardeau  |  2000

Left Half Side of the Fridge won the Claude Jutra Award at the Genie Awards, as well as Best Actor at the Jutra Awards. It also won Best Canadian First Feature Film at the TIFF, and was nominated for three more awards at the Jutra Awards.

Left Half Side of the Fridge poster


Patrick Demers  |  1999

Improvised experimental fiction. A young couple on its way to their country house encounter an unexpected guest. Tension. Discharge won Best Canadian Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Discharge poster
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